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Liberty Defense releases AI-based threat-detection software algorithm

Bill Frain of Liberty Defense

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. announces that it has developed a new release of its AI-based threat-detection software algorithm. This is capable of detecting non-metallic and metallic threats, including 3D printed ghost guns and liquid, powder or plastic explosives all while allowing for a continuous people flow through HEXWAVE portals.

Over past several months, Liberty Defense has collected thousands of images of prohibited items and additional non-metallic and metallic threats as part of development of new algorithm.

This software algorithm will support first-generation production HEXWAVE units that feature an enhanced detection array allowing for a full walkthrough configuration.

“We are pleased to report that we have now built and produced our first HEXWAVE walkthrough portals on the production floor at our Wilmington, MA facility to support our growing backlog of orders,” says Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense. “We are also on track to deliver a system to the TSA as part of our Aviation Worker Screening contract to support US airports with their new employee screening requirements. We expect these first production systems to meet all the performance objectives we set out to achieve, specifically the detection of a broad range of threats. In the meantime, the team is already working to ramp the production rate as we head into the remainder of the year.”

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