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Amdocs advances cloud management platform with generative AI for operations, IT automation

Anthony Goonetilleke of Amdocs

Amdocs has announced launch of its generative AI (artificial intelligence)-powered cloud management platform. This new version of the platform, integrated with the public cloud providers, includes a set of generative AI-powered solutions. This is also designed to hyper-automate service development and operations and manage and streamline a service provider’s entire IT (information technology) and business operations lifecycle.

Integrating the automated tools Amdocs has developed for delivering a wide array of services at operators into a single platform, the Amdocs cloud management platform is built to accelerate service providers’ journey to cloud, utilising DevOps and FinOps methodologies and securely managing thousands of applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments under central governance and compliance policies.

Powered by Amdocs’ GenAI framework, Amdocs amAIz, the platform enables Amdocs teams working on customer projects to access and reuse hundreds of test automations, ready-made landing zones and CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) pipelines. Similarly, with its telco blueprints, enterprise-grade practices and security policies, the amAIz-enhanced platform enables Amdocs teams to integrate and operate service providers’ infrastructure and applications faster and in a secure, fully compliant way, empowering service providers to deliver superior customer experiences.

The platform’s hyper-automation capabilities provide a holistic approach to AI-driven automation. As opposed to automating a single task, the platform automates the whole business process (production chains, workflows, and so on). It leverages amAIz’s industry-tailored taxonomy and use-case kits to eliminate the need for manual intervention in low-value processes and bringing errors and resolution time to zero or near-zero levels. The platform also analyses data to offer a level of business intelligence that was not available before.

“Hyper-automation enables organisations to become more agile and responsive, capable of adapting rapidly to change,” says Roz Roseboro, principal analyst, Omdia. “As service providers transition to the next phase of their digital transformation to become tech companies that openly integrate and collaborate with hyperscalers and commercial partners, the Amdocs Cloud Management Platform will enable them to securely and efficiently onboard new technologies to improve the customer experience for their end users.”

“Specifically designed to meet the needs of the communications industry, the Amdocs Cloud Management Platform provides a secure, scalable technological foundation coupled with a single pane of glass that gives operators a way to easily understand and operate hybrid cloud environments,” says Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy at Amdocs. “By enhancing the platform with the generative AI capabilities from our amAIz framework, we are accelerating and automating many of the complex and manual processes, leading to enhanced operating efficiency and agility.”

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