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XtalPi unveils XtalPi Intelligent Automation, announces automation facility in Shanghai

Jian Ma of XtalPi

XtalPi Inc has unveiled its recent brand, XtalPi Intelligent Automation, at inaugural Intelligent Automation Forum on August 25th, 2023, in Shanghai, China. XtalPi Intelligent Automation embodies XtalPi’s vision to revolutionise modern laboratory automation solutions, reshaping ecosystem of scientific exploration and addressing important R&D challenges in multiple industrial sectors.

This brand initiates design and production of future laboratory automation platforms, with emphases on productivity, flexibility, scalability, smooth integration with third-party hardware and software, and digital twin applications. The brand extends an array of discovery services and solutions supported by these platforms to global partners.

At forum, XtalPi also introduced facility in Shanghai, a vital move to expand its capacity, addressing rising demand for high-quality, productive R&D outsourcing across diverse domains including drug and materials discovery. This Shanghai site is XtalPi’s large automation lab in China, surpassing automation R&D lab of its headquarters in Shenzhen. The facility is set to be fully operational by late Q3 2023, housing over 100 automated workstations and automation clusters. The initial areas of focus will be on serving drug discovery and pharmaceutical development projects. XtalPi now operates three global automation laboratories that serve partners across three main hubs: Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Boston.

“Our unwavering dedication is to create a robust, intelligent R&D infrastructure, curate tools tailored for optimal data flow, and lead the charge in next-generation automated lab systems. Our infrastructure is meticulously designed to leverage the immense potential of big data. These data are analysed by AI to provide insights and ideas that guide and accelerate R&D processes. Our diverse portfolio, ranging from individual automated workstations to expansive cluster automation and specialised chemical synthesis services for drug discovery, stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming how science is conducted in the future.” says Jian Ma, CEO of XtalPi.

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