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Getac integrates Li-Fi technology into rugged devices with Signify

Amanda Ward of Getac

Getac has embedded Li-Fi (light fidelity) technology into its rugged devices as part of recent project with Signify. Getac is working with Signify’s Trulifi technology on project, with aim of bringing Li-Fi technology to its customers. Further announcements detailing devices themselves and their commercial availability will be made in future. Signify and Getac are part of Light Communication Alliance (LCA), a community of industry researchers and creators who believe in optical wireless communication to change the way organisations connect and communicate.

The LCA understands that advancing light communication requires a collaborative ecosystem approach, with members working closely together to research, develop and deploy viable Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi technology uses light to transmit data rather than radio frequency, which is the case with traditional technologies such as WiFi (wireless fidelity), LTE (long term evolution), 4G, 5G etc. This creative approach has multiple benefits over RF (radio frequency) based technologies, including low latency, improved privacy and security, and superior connection quality, in RF-denied environments.

Combining these benefits with Getac’s rugged solutions unlocks recent applications across sectors where professionals work in challenging conditions every day. For example, Li-Fi’s minimal cabling requirements enables defence professionals to install highly secure field communications networks in a matter of minutes. Li-Fi can be especially beneficial in RF-constrained or RF-denied environments, aiding digital change in industries such as industrial manufacturing, where there can be concerns over RF-based equipment interfering with safety-critical operations.

“Getac has long recognised the potential of Li-Fi technology to fundamentally change the way many organisations work and communicate. Through our partnership with Signify, we’re fully committed to designing, manufacturing and embedding innovative rugged Li-Fi solutions that will enable our customers to turn this potential into a reality.” says Amanda Ward, EMEA senior director, technology and services, Getac.

“Some of Li-Fi’s most game-changing applications and use cases are in sectors where highly challenging work conditions make rugged solutions an essential part of the technology equation. As a global leader in rugged computing and fellow LCA member, Getac is the ideal partner to help us unlock the power of light for brighter lives and a better world.” says Mark Gunther, global segment leader Li-Fi Systems, Signify.

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