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Capgemini, Salesforce to drive GenAI powered customer experiences

Jean-Marc Gaultier of Capgemini

Capgemini has introduced generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) for CX (customer experience) foundry for clients using Salesforce. This is recent addition to Capgemini’s portfolio of services that leverage transformative force of GenAI to fuel creation and accelerate business value and growth. The GenAI for CX foundry will deliver hyper-personalised, data-driven customer experiences by automating customised content creation in a secure, ethical, and responsible manner.

Capgemini and Salesforce have been collaborating for over a decade to help clients maximise their commercial impact by creating smooth and personalised omnichannel experiences with customer relationship management (CRM). Capgemini and Salesforce will bring their decades of data, AI and customer experience to deliver tangible business value for joint clients and help accelerate their implementation of GenAI for CRM at scale.

We are entering new frontiers of customer experience with GenAI, which will enable us to re-imagine and offer hyper-personalised experiences for both customers and employees, to deliver new services, personalised resolution to customer issues, tailored campaigns, and much more,” says Jean-Marc Gaultier, head of group strategic initiatives and partnerships at Capgemini.“

“The new GenAI for CX foundry for clients using Salesforce combines Capgemini’s deep expertise in CX and AI implementations across sectors with Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM platform, enabling clients to deliver solutions efficiently and at scale, using the power of GenAI. With responsible and ethical AI at its core, this collaboration will deliver re-imagined journeys to delight customers within a safe and trusted environment.” adds Gaultier.

Capgemini’s GenAI excellence for clients using Salesforce

Capgemini has been working with clients on GenAI for some time and focuses on helping organisations define their GenAI strategy, select priority use cases, and develop and deploy them at scale. The GenAI for CX foundry will help clients using Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology, accelerate their GenAI investments, exploring CX use cases customised for industries.

“AI has enormous potential to transform how companies interact with customers and drive business growth. It requires the right approach, rooted in trust and transparency, to ensure business and customer data is safe and secure. Together, Salesforce and Capgemini bring the strategy and technical expertise companies need to deploy AI for CRM in a trusted way, drive personalised customer experiences, and deliver actionable business outcomes.” says Steve Corfield, executive vice president, alliances & channels at Salesforce.

Capgemini’s digital customer experience (DCX) foundry is a set of methodologies, assets, and capabilities that enable clients to deliver transformational CX engagements at scale. This recent expansion of DCX foundry will facilitate more productive collaboration between teams, resulting in productive, integrated GenAI solutions customised to client’s existing IT (information technology) infrastructure, data models, and business processes. Its core five themes include:

● Elevating self-service – Empathetic and comprehensive chatbots with a human centric approach at its core.
 Augmenting field sales – Empowered sales assistants to develop tailored solutions.
● Applying synthetic design – Automated creation of personalised content at scale for marketing and commerce.
● Enhancing customer service – Service assistants for contextual, personalised, and quality customer service.
● Re-orchestrating customer journeys – A combination of products and services businesses can offer to help resolve customer problems end-to-end.

Delivering a different era of passenger experience with Capgemini and Salesforce

Capgemini and Salesforce have been working together to support several brands in their CX journey, helping them deploy GenAI to meet challenges of delivery industrialisation and agility at scale. For example, Capgemini has been helping Heathrow Airport revamp its passenger experience through its GenAI for CX offer. Capgemini has helped drive value across Heathrow’s passenger lifecycle by implementing recent age eCommerce and other passenger service solutions.

“At a time when quality of service is paramount, our partnership with Capgemini is helping us enhance the experience of the passengers that travel through our airport. With Capgemini’s CX expertise, we are beginning to use Salesforce’s GenAI solutions to assist, empower, and delight passengers with faster and more personalised customer service.” says Pete Burns, director marketing and digital, Heathrow Airport Limited.

This collaboration will allow joint clients to benefit from Salesforce Einstein, accelerating their customer experiences and company productivity with GenAI. The GenAI for CX foundry will initially leverage service cloud and Einstein trust layer with intent to expand its suite of capabilities to help clients deliver business value across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

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