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Netcracker, Microsoft to deliver high-value generative AI solutions to telecom operators

Bob Titus of Netcracker

Netcracker Technology announced that it has expanded its partnership with Microsoft. This partnership will support Netcracker’s recently launched GenAI Telco Solution, which unlocks the potential of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology to deliver business value to telecom industry.

Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution leverages power of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT through Azure OpenAI Service to create high-value use cases by harnessing valuable telecom data and knowledge. Through its skills in telecom IT, Netcracker’s solution enhances ChatGPT with real-time telecom data, context, and knowledge. This data is sourced from operators’ BSS/OSS (business support system / operational support system) and data analytics platforms. The goal is to boost productivity and deliver a superior customer experience across all facets of the telecom business.

The combined offering provides CSPs (communications service providers) with a set of market-ready solutions. These solutions can improve call centre efficiency, increase the productivity of business and operational employees, drive faster sales conversions and make fast recommendations for new offerings.

“With generative AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT taking the world by storm and making inroads across industries, we are excited to bring this power to CSPs to deliver high-quality customer experiences,” says Shawn Hakl, vice president Azure for operators at Microsoft. “We are thrilled that Netcracker has chosen Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service as the foundation of its solution to bring lower costs, higher quality of care and personalised interactions to their customers.”

“Higher productivity and exceptional customer care are the goals of CSPs worldwide and achieving these while maintaining a good experience and cost efficiencies has been elusive,” says Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker. “Through our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, our GenAI Telco Solution will give our customers a way to boost the quality of services they are able to offer while reining in operational costs and improving retention, giving them a win-win scenario in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.”

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