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Thaicom select Airbus for OneSat flexible telecommunications satellite

Jean-Marc Nasr of Airbus Space Systems

Thaicom Public Company Limited, has selected Airbus for its recent generation software-defined high throughput satellite. Airbus will provide recent designed satellites, a reconfigurable OneSat. This Thaicom satellite will provide extended connectivity in Ku-band over Asia-Pacific region for millions of users. Thaicom has introduced and operated eight geostationary satellites. This is Thaicom’s flexible satellite, allowing for more adaptability on coverage, frequency and capacity which is crucial in region.

“This significant contract with leading satellite operator Thaicom, is the ninth order for our pioneering OneSat product line which is fully reconfigurable in orbit and provides unrivalled flexibility. This collaboration with Thaicom is a first, and we look forward to further building our relationship in the future.” says Jean-Marc Nasr, head of Airbus Space Systems.

“I am delighted that we have selected Airbus to build our new generation of software-defined high throughput satellite (HTS). As the world’s leading satellite technology provider, we trust that Airbus will be our best choice for building our new satellite at the strategic location of 119.5 degrees East. It will allow flexibility and instant reconfiguration to adapt dynamically to the service areas and will provide a significant confidence boost for Thaicom’s valued customers and partners throughout Asia Pacific. This is a significant milestone for Thaicom as we forge ahead to further grow our broadband satellite business in the region.” says Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, Thaicom’s chief executive officer.

Positioned in orbit at 119.5° east, this satellite will enable Thaicom to propose to other partner operators a share of its satellite’s payload capacity, lowering their costs and still ensuring they have separate control of their individual payload capacity and flexibility. Airbus will design and manufacture satellite, and also provide ground control segment components. Airbus plans to deliver satellite in 2027.

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