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Fujitsu, The Linux Foundation to release automated machine learning, AI fairness technologies

Fujitsu Limited and The Linux Foundation have marked the official launch of Fujitsu’s automated machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) fairness technologies as open source software (OSS) ahead of “Open Source Summit Europe 2023,” running in Bilbao, Spain, from September 19-21, 2023. The two projects will offer users access to software that automatically generates code for new machine learning models, as well as a technology that addresses latent biases in training data.

The Linux Foundation approved the incubation of two new projects, “SapientML” and “Intersectional Fairness” on August 24 to encourage developers worldwide to further experiment with AI and machine learning technologies, with plans to host future activities like hackathons to engage and build a community to promote open source AI.

With these projects, Fujitsu and The Linux Foundation aim to further democratise AI to realise a world in which developers everywhere can securely use the new technologies on open platforms to create new applications and find new solutions to challenges facing business and society.

Vivek Mahajan, SEVP, CTO, CPO, Fujitsu Limited, comments, “Offering AI technologies as OSS to developers worldwide opens up new opportunities for innovation across various industries by lowering the barrier of entry. We are excited to work together with Linux Foundation to contribute to the further advancement and spread of AI by launching Fujitsu’s AI technologies for The Linux Foundation’s open source projects ‘SapientML’ and ‘Intersectional Fairness.’”

Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation, comments, “We anticipate that offering Fujitsu’s automated machine learning and AI fairness technologies as OSS will greatly contribute to the advancement and diffusion of AI. The Linux Foundation welcomes these two projects and looks forward to building the future of AI together.”

Fujitsu holds many AI-related inventions in Japan, with 970 patents from 2014 to October 2022, and in April 2023, launched “Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) Fujitsu AI Platform”. Kozuchi enables users to securely test advanced AI technologies and has offered customers and partners access to some of Fujitsu’s advanced AI technologies.

AI represents one of the developing technologies of the time, contributing to the solution of various societal and industrial issues. However, this ongoing development requires advanced skills in the development and operation of AI technologies, and concerns about the fairness of AI technology keep increasing. To enable further spread and enhancement of AI, a platform to share AI technologies with engineers worldwide represents an important prerequisite.

As a non-profit technology consortium, The Linux Foundation approves approximately a dozen selected technologies as OSS projects annually for the development of open technologies. Fujitsu is providing automated machine learning and AI fairness technologies as OSS via Linux Foundation, enabling developers around the world to access and use Fujitsu’s technology at the source code level to accelerate technological advancement and the development of new applications, while also addressing concerns around fairness and transparency that remain a critical priority in the field of AI ethics.

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