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Accenture invests in spacetech firm Open Cosmos to provide access to satellite data

Rafel Jorda Siquier of Open Cosmos

Accenture announces an investment and collaboration with Open Cosmos, to provide access to high quality satellite data and insights on a global scale via data services platform. These two companies will help clients to track and analyse data found in space in order to help solve business challenges found on earth, related to sustainability.

Accenture Ventures led this investment as part of its project spotlight initiative. Open Cosmos modifies access to satellite data by allowing multiple companies to retrieve data collected by one satellite, while also managing satellite’s infrastructure with a proprietary platform technology that allows companies to collect and share data.

“Accenture sees a future where every company is able to tap into the vast potential of data captured in space in order to push past the boundaries of the possible and find new sources of innovation. Although access to this data has traditionally been limited and costly, Open Cosmos removes these barriers with satellites that launch quickly and simply, providing fast access to data on climate changes, energy, resources, navigation and more.” says Tom Lounibos, managing director, Accenture Ventures.
“Today we stand at the edge of a paradigm shift, as numerous companies strive to democratise access to space and provide access to its valuable information. Open Cosmos is dedicated to helping their customers solve problems using data and insights from space. Working together, we envisage a world where space technology and data are more accessible and can be more easily harnessed and interpreted to fuel innovation and drive sustainable progress.” says Paul Thomas, space innovation lead, technology innovation at Accenture.
Accenture’s 2023 technology vision found 85% of executives believe that advancements in science tech are accelerating creation within their industry. From space industry expansion to go through in drug discovery, these feedback loop between science and technology is getting more speedy, with each increasing advancement of other, in ways that will turbocharge scientific discovery.
“Open Cosmos is one of the fastest growing companies in the satellite sector. This investment and collaboration with Accenture will help us achieve our goal of simplifying access to space using smaller satellites and ensure that a greater number of organisations all over the world can benefit from the richness of satellite data to improve sustainability, logistics and other global and business challenges.” says Rafel Jorda Siquier, founder and CEO, Open Cosmos.
Open Cosmos now joins Accenture Ventures’ project spotlight an engagement and investment programme that targets technology companies that can help fill ‘strategic innovation’ gaps for Global 2000 companies. These companies co-innovate with Accenture, working with subject matter personnels to adapt their solutions to enterprise market and scale more productively. Through project spotlight, Accenture Ventures has recently invested in several additional satellite data and image companies, including PixxelPlanet, and SpiderOak.

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