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DEEPX unveils a boundless open edge AI ecosystem with AI development kits

Lokwon Kim of DEEPX

DEEPX, an AI semiconductor technology company, takes strides toward expanding the edge AI ecosystem with development kits that overcome GPU limitations. DEEPX is known for its work in artificial intelligence semiconductors for Edge devices, is gearing up to participate in AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit in Silicon Valley.

DEEPX’s CEO Lokwon Kim will share a stage with luminaries like professor Andrew Ng of Landing AI and Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller. More than 100 major tech companies, including Microsoft, Google, Intel, AMD and Qualcomm, will converge to discuss trends and insights in AI hardware and edge AI.

DEEPX is to unveil five technologies, encompassing support for AI algorithms, GPU-level AI precision, power-to-performance efficiency, solutions for diverse Edge AI applications and a commanding cost competitiveness in manufacturing units.

DEEPX booth will be featuring AI algorithms running on DEEPX’s neural processing unit (NPU) within a compact camera module, tailor-made for applications in smart cameras, mobility solutions, robotics, and home appliances. Furthermore, AI algorithms will be showcased running on robots through DEEPX’s DX-M1 M.2 module connected to Orange Pi open embedded platform.

A development in pipeline also involves DEEPX’s roadmap for compatibility testing of its products with open source hardware (OSHW), including embedded boards like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, LattePanda, NXP boards and more. These products will be distributed as part of DEEPX’s AI Application Development Kit program, which aims at allowing academia and broader public with ability to implement AI on various embedded systems. This initiative aligns with DEEPX’s overarching vision of “AI technology for everyone, everywhere.”

In addition, DEEPX is forging partnerships with module and IT (information technology) system OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) across globe. These collaborations aim to integrate DEEPX’s products into various embedded systems, with plans to expand the range of open-source hardware products compatible with DEEPX’s offerings in future.

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