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Infosys, NVIDIA collaborate to help enterprises boost productivity with GenAI

Infosys and NVIDIA announced that they have expanded their collaboration. This collaboration aims to help enterprises worldwide, drive productivity gains with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) applications and solutions.

The alliance will bring NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem of models, tools, runtimes and GPU (graphics processing unit) systems to Infosys Topaz an AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms that grows business value using generative AI technologies. Through the integration, Infosys will create offerings customers can adopt, to integrate generative AI into their businesses.

Additionally, Infosys plans to set up an NVIDIA Centre of Excellence. This centre will focus on training and certifying 50,000 of its employees in NVIDIA AI technology, equipping them with generative AI skills to serve its customer base across various industries.

“Infosys is transforming into an AI-first company to better provide AI-based services to our clients worldwide. Our clients are also looking at complex AI use cases that can drive significant business value across their entire value chain. Infosys Topaz offerings and solutions are complementary to NVIDIA’s core stack. By combining our strengths and training 50,000 of our workforce on NVIDIA AI technology, we are creating end-to-end industry leading AI solutions that will help enterprises on their journey to become AI-first.” says Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and chairman, Infosys.

“Generative AI will drive the next wave of enterprise productivity gains. The NVIDIA AI Enterprise ecosystem is ramping quickly to provide the platform for generative AI. Together, NVIDIA and Infosys will create an expert workforce to help businesses use this platform to build custom applications and solutions.” says Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA.

Full-Stack NVIDIA integration powers advanced Infosys Solutions

Infosys uses full-stack NVIDIA generative AI platform, including hardware and enterprise-grade software to create across its business operations, and it is helping customers create generative AI applications for business operations, sales and marketing.

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise frameworks, pretrained models and toolkits including the NVIDIA NeMo LLM framework, NVIDIA Metropolis for computer vision and NVIDIA Riva for speech AI Infosys has already developed multiple AI-first enterprise offerings across industries. These include:

  • Integrating the Infosys video analytics platform with NVIDIA Metropolis, which brings the power of computer vision to address retail industry challenges, including creating frictionless shopping experiences, improving merchandising and planogram compliance, reducing shrinkage, monitoring inventory, extracting real-time intelligence, checking compliances for health, safety and more, as well as for logistics, manufacturing and utilities.
  • Pairing Infosys generative AI labs with the NVIDIA NeMo framework, which enables organisations to fine-tune and fast-track deployments of large language models tailored for a range of enterprise use cases, providing a cost-effective and scalable platform. Using NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, Infosys is augmenting its responsible AI toolkit to build intelligent practices to safeguard against potential risks of generative AI, such as IP (internet protocol) infringement, bias and toxicity, hallucinations and security threats.
  • Using Infosys Cortex with NVIDIA Riva speech and translation AI, Infosys is developing AI-driven future contact centre solutions. These include language neutralisation features for multilingual support as well as equipping contact centre representatives with real-time customer intent and sentiment analysis tools to enhance customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

The collaboration extends to digitalisation applications, with a focus on developing solutions for enterprise use cases across 3D workflows, design collaboration, digital twin, world simulation and others. Infosys and NVIDIA are also co-developing AI-powered solutions in areas like 5G, cybersecurity and energy transition.

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