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Gotion High-tech selects Siemens Xcelerator for digital transformation of battery manufacturing

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced that Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd. has selected Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to build an intelligent battery manufacturing platform as part of achieving its digital transformation goals. Gotion High-tech intends to use artificial intelligence enabled industrial control system technology to build a closed-loop digital research and development, manufacturing and management platform.

This new platform will help further expands Gotion’s intelligent manufacturing of batteries and pave the way for future digital development. According to the agreement, Gotion High-tech, in collaboration with Siemens, plans to explore the application of digital twins and battery specific digital threads in product research and development, production and manufacturing and technical services.

“The new era is about material transformation and digitisation. As an enterprise with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, Gotion High-tech is striving to build an energy science system based on materials science and digital science. By integrating digital technology into the entire process of material research and development, production and manufacturing, product operation, and battery recycling, it hopes to truly achieve its goal of green energy accessible and sustainable, empowering the future,” says Li Zhen, chairman, Gotion “The cooperation between Siemens and Gotion High-tech aims to enhance the operational capabilities of global factories through the joint creation of Gotion’s digital Intelligence plant.”

“As an advocate and practitioner of Industry digitisation, Siemens is very pleased to work with Gotion High-tech to help the company achieve digital transformation in the field of new energy power batteries and energy storage,” says Leo Liang, senior vice president and managing director for Greater China, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “As a reliable partner, Siemens will fully assist Gotion High-tech in improving its digital level, enhancing its innovation and competitiveness globally.”

To learn more about Siemens’ full suite of battery software and factory automation solutions and how they assist customers to design and produce batteries, build and launch gigafactories in record time and scale production by combining the real and digital worlds, visit: here.

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