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Ferguson Ventures invests in VODA.ai to help utilities with AI-driven decision-making solutions

Blake Luse of Ferguson Ventures

 VODA.ai has announced a recent investment from Ferguson Ventures, corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of Ferguson. VODA.ai’s solutions help utilities make better-informed decisions using artificial intelligence. This collaboration with Ferguson allows VODA.ai to concentrate on continued growth and distribution.

VODA.ai offers water and wastewater utilities a more productive method for prioritising repairs and capital improvement projects in their transmission, distribution and collection systems. VODA.ai’s software has analysed over 1 million miles of pipe across 17 states and 6 countries. “Ferguson is committed to building water-resilient communities by leveraging its business expertise. We invested in VODA.ai to better support the US utilities’ infrastructure needs and prioritise critical repairs.” says Blake Luse, managing director at Ferguson Ventures.

VODA.ai focuses on risk modeling, lead line management, leak monitoring, condition assessment and capital planning. Ferguson is a distributor in municipal waterworks, metering technology and treatment plant MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) supplies. Ferguson is dedicated to maintaining and improving quality of water infrastructure. By combining VODA.ai’s insights on pipe vulnerabilities and Ferguson’s advanced solutions and products, both entities can collaboratively enhance longevity and security of water infrastructure systems.

“We pride ourselves in helping water utilities preserve water, their most valuable asset. Our Ferguson Municipal Technology Solution team, together with VODA.ai, will help our customers focus on repairing and replacing their pipes with the highest risk of failure, empowering them to allocate their capital expenditure budgets most effectively.” says Darren Campbell, Ferguson’s national senior director of One Municipal.

Ferguson and VODA.ai have entered in distribution relationship in US market, amplifying and accelerating VODA.ai’s ability to serve utilities. “This investment and expanded collaboration with Ferguson marks a significant milestone in our mission to support the water industry. Together, we will continue to innovate and deliver exceptional value to utilities across the country.” says George Demosthenous, CEO at VODA.ai.

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