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Perforce announces BlazeMeter Test Data Pro to its continuous testing platform

Stephen Feloney of Perforce

Perforce Software announces BlazeMeter’s Test Data Pro, a new addition to its continuous testing platform. Designed to optimise test data generation, Test Data Pro leverages advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology to simplify and democratise use of test data. Having access to accurate, synchronised test data is huge testing challenges especially as organisations shift left.

“Obtaining test data from production is a time-consuming process involving multiple teams. PII (personal identifiable information) data has to be properly scrubbed, and the data has to be synchronised across the testing landscape. Because of this lengthy process, testers refresh data less often than they should. Now consider today’s world of rapid releases. There is no time to get data and prep it. Developers and agile testers needed to test yesterday.” says Stephen Feloney, vice president of continuous testing at Perforce. Test Data Pro addresses these challenges head-on by introducing AI-driven test data automation that optimises the way test data and functions can be generated.

Main features of Test Data Pro include:

  1. AI-driven precision: Test Data Pro employs generative AI to instantly profile and create data generating functions and test data from scratch, including complex data types such as structured data sets requiring multiple fields (e.g., first name, last name, address). This precision ensures that users have exact data needed to properly execute tests, increasing testing velocity and accuracy. This includes synchronising data driving the test, data in mock/virtual services, and data in systems under test.
  2. Expanded coverage: By creating diverse data sets, Test Data Pro enables complete testing coverage across a wide array of scenarios including negative testing. This approach helps identify potential issues at better pace.
  3. Accelerating testing while maintaining data privacy: Test Data Pro maximises testing velocity while protecting sensitive customer data. By automatically generating synthetic yet realistic test data, teams avoid using real production data in testing environments. This eliminates data privacy concerns and compliance risks.
  4. Chaos testing for resilience: Test Data Pro introduces chaos testing by intermixing positive and negative test data during test executions. This allows users to gauge system resilience and validate application performance under circumstances they would normally not have tested.

“Perforce is dedicated to improving software quality through innovation. Test Data Pro marks a significant step forward, addressing key challenges and setting a new benchmark for test data generation.” adds Feloney.

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