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Ericsson expands Expert Analytics for real-time network issue resolution with AI

Mats Karlsson of Ericsson

Ericsson has announced an extension to its Ericsson Expert Analytics product which introduces advanced troubleshooting to its range of capabilities. Ericsson Expert Analytics Advanced troubleshooting uses machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) tools to analyse telecoms network data in real-time and determine root cause of any occurring issues for troubleshooting.

The new functionality has been designed as network and subscriber-centric analytics that supports communication service providers (CSPs) in monitoring and improving service experience across their network. Starting with analysis of service experience at an individual subscriber level, the product’s embedded intelligence puts generated workflows in motion to collect relevant data needed to identify an issue’s root cause to ensure service experience is optimal.

The extended Ericsson Expert Analytics uses new data acquisition techniques to reduce amount and frequency of data needed for analysis. It draws necessary event data from network functions using software probes built into Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core, as well as additional information from Virtual Test Access Point (vTAP) data collection, delivering data in real-time to analytics function ready for CSPs to take action.

“5G’s transformative potential brings new capabilities, driving the need for automation and data-driven networks. Ericsson Expert Analytics takes troubleshooting to the next level; with its embedded intelligence and built-in domain knowledge, troubleshooting becomes effortless, with automatic incident generation. It is empowered with ML (machine language) based anomaly detection, enabling actionable insights for subscriber-centric analytics, and driving faster, more accurate, and more efficient issue resolution in network events.” says Mats Karlsson, vice president and head of solution area Business and Operations Support Systems Ericsson.

“Ericsson Expert Analytics gives TPG the ability to provide actionable behavioral insights to predict, prioritise and resolve customer impacting events. Going forward, we know that this is going to meet our customer needs and it’s going to be a great foundation for us to build upon for other areas of the network, as we grow.” says Chris Tsigros, general manager cloud infrastructure and network services, TPG Telecom Australia.

“Ericsson’s integrated advanced troubleshooting approach is different because it provides real-time experience insight using event data intelligently to collect specific information to pinpoint root cause at the subscriber level. This is the secret sauce here: it dynamically generates workflows to gather only the very focused data needed for deep End-to-End (E2E) troubleshooting using the right combination of Virtual Test Access Point (vTAP) and event data. This all contributes to more efficient troubleshooting and radically reduces the TCO.” says Chris Lewis, telecoms industry analyst and strategic advisor.

The extension adds Advanced troubleshooting to Ericsson Expert Analytics capabilities currently made up of Subscriber Insights, Expert Insights and Automated Insights applications. With extension recent version of product delivers real-time experience insight at subscriber level using event data to collect information, enabling radical reduction in costs through intelligent and productive data handling.

Expanding 5G networks bring exponentially growing data volumes and variety that need to be captured and analysed in a cost, and time, productive way. Alongside this, new capabilities, expectations and use-cases that come with 5G introduce a level of complexity unseen in previous network generations. Ericsson Expert Analytics provides CSPs with tools to manage this complexity and productively target issues at a subscriber level as they occur.

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