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Velocity launches Global Expense Management through acquisition of RPA

Mark Walker of Velocity

Velocity, a managed solutions company (Velocity) has announced launch of the Global Expense Management (GEM) platform. This move marks an important milestone in Velocity’s mission to provide solutions for businesses seeking to streamline their expense management processes.

With this acquisition, Velocity is upgrading its technology expense management systems with precise cost allocation and streamlined payment processing through its cloud-based GEM platform. Focusing on various IT sectors, including fixed and mobile telephony, cloud, UCaaS (unified communications as a service), and SaaS (software as a service), Velocity will continue offering clients point-and-click access to measurable financial improvements and usage governance. This efficiency ensures organisations can optimise technological investments, enhancing their competitive edge in the digital landscape.

“We are committed to bringing more value to our customers who are looking to simplify their expense management and save money. GEM sets us apart because of our 100% US based support teams, a significant differentiator in the current state of the market. Furthermore, our ability to seamlessly integrate GEM with other Velocity solutions enables us to simplify client technology needs into one comprehensive package,” says Mark Walker, president and chief operating officer of Velocity.

The proprietary GEM platform offers significant benefits to organisations seeking to optimise their expense management across multi-location enterprises. With GEM, clients gain unparalleled visibility and control over all their expenses, enabling them to reduce and optimise costs. The platform automates processes, enhances inventory control, and allows the allocation of internal resources to higher-value corporate initiatives.

GEM’s features encompass cost savings, resource reallocation, detailed reporting, data accessibility, and flexible client data integration. It is designed to reduce expenses and optimise costs, making it a valuable tool for budget management, expense allocation and compliance. It also offers integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems for data delivery.

GEM streamlines operations by automating processes and providing a single tool for managing all IT-related services. It offers flexibility in ingesting client data, making it adaptable to business needs. The platform helps businesses securely adapt to technology changes, updates, and upgrades and assists in managing and planning for contract terms and conditions, ensuring that organisations stay ahead of the curve. GEM delivers detailed management, and optimisation of corporate telecom inventory, resources, and expenses while delivering documented cost savings.

GEM represents an approach, leveraging Microsoft Power BI (business intelligence) with the new AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic process automation) technology. When combined with Velocity’s managed solutions, total visibility into IT/telco investments is provided

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