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Blattner Technologies acquires The Indoor Lab, advancing AI-powered lidar solutions

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Blattner Technologies has announced its acquisition of The Indoor Lab, a lidar analytics company with AI-powered, perception software, and end-to-end data analytics. The collaboration combines customer brands with lidar and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to try and create the next generation of autonomous airports, transit stations, and construction sites.

The combined entity will continue to focus on the research, development, and commercialisation of advanced AI-powered lidar systems. With a commitment to creating satisfactory solutions, the organisation aims to accelerate the adoption of lidar technology across airports, transportation hubs, and construction projects.

Lidar, an acronym for ‘Light Detection and Ranging’, has been utilised for years to measure the Earth’s topographical surface and, more recently, for autonomous vehicles. The Indoor Lab is adapting this privacy-compliant technology for airport use. This allows airports to deploy a single technology both indoor and outdoor, day and night.

“The acquisition of The Indoor Lab represents a significant milestone in our mission to be the leading providers of AI solutions in the transportation, construction, and healthcare industries,” says Russ Blattner, CEO of Blattner Technologies. “By merging our unique AI operating system and its ability to quickly create AI-powered applications, with The Indoor Lab’s state-of-the-art lidar analytics and perception software, we are well-positioned to deliver groundbreaking solutions to our global customer base.”

“Joining forces with Blattner Technologies is an exciting step forward. We are confident our combined expertise will result in an unmatched value proposition for clients worldwide, set new industry standards, and drive the adoption of AI-powered lidar technology to create a more harmonious and secure world for generations to come,” says Patrick Blattner, founder and CEO of The Indoor Lab.

Earlier this month, The Indoor Lab announced a partnership with Tampa International Airport to create the ‘world’s first Living Lidar Lab partnership.’

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