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Deloitte, SAP collaborate to drive transformation through generative AI

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Deloitte announced it is expanding its practices for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to build and deliver generative AI (artificial intelligence) solutions to clients. Deloitte’s approach of Clean Core + Edge Innovation relies on cloud application development and embedding AI capabilities and data-driven insights to help cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) clients deliver real business value while limiting technical debt.

Simplified Technology Architecture

Deloitte and SAP have provided organisations with a simplified technology architecture that fosters agility while enabling innovation. Deloitte’s business transformation experts use SAP BTP and generative AI to design, implement, and manage cloud-tailored use cases, ensuring optimal value for enterprise ERP platforms.

Combining the power of SAP BTP and generative AI, Deloitte’s pool of business transformation professionals is ready to architect, deploy and run uses cases optimised for cloud solutions and designed to deliver exponential value to enterprise ERP platforms.

“Driving for value and innovation has remained central to helping our clients break boundaries and innovate at the pace of disruption,” said Chip Kleinheksel, enterprise performance generative AI leader and SAP chief technology officer, Deloitte Consulting. “The expansion of our practices for SAP BTP serves as that next step, building on our existing AIOPS.D micro solutions and enabling SAP AI Services to drive co-pilots and end-to-end autonomous processes for industry-specific cloud solutions.”

Kleinheksel added that Deloitte’s ready-to-deploy use cases, SAP, and broader technology experience, combined with SAP BTP, can provide intelligent and responsive solutions, from small-scale edge innovation to large-scale transformation.

Clean Core + Edge Innovation Approach

Generative AI and private Large Language Models (LLMs) are becoming essential enablers to address the pressing challenges of today’s evolving business landscape. Taking advantage of these enablers across the enterprise requires a Clean Core. Deloitte’s Clean Core + Edge Innovation approach can reduce technical debt, leveraging SAP BTP for app extensions with low-code, no-code choices and API-driven integration.

Establishing a clean ERP baseline enables agility and innovation, providing the ability to capitalise on AI capabilities within SAP BTP, such as agent-based simulation, virtual assistants, predictive analytics, computer vision, and natural language and speech recognition. Deloitte will look to continuously expand its generative AI eco-system by working with leading companies, bringing new innovations, business value, and advancements in LLMs to its SAP clients.

“SAP BTP is a key enabler of generative AI-powered applications with extensive Gen AI capabilities for developers, process engineers, and enterprise architects all the way to business users,” said Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “Deloitte’s Clean Core + Edge Innovation approach can accelerate opportunities for transformation through generative AI using the combination of SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP, particularly with SAP AI Core and SAP AI Services. This expansion of Deloitte’s SAP BTP practice showcases how we continue to find new ways to innovate and unlock new value for customers.”

As part of this collaboration, Deloitte is also exploring opportunities to leverage Joule, SAP’s new natural-language, generative AI copilot, across industry and line-of-business solutions and within its microservices architecture.

Trustworthy AI Framework and User Confidence

Deloitte continues to scale its AI capabilities, alliances, and offerings following the introduction of its generative AI practice in 2023. Deloitte offers a full spectrum of tailored AI service offerings supporting clients at every stage of their transformational journey, from developing enterprise AI strategies to implementing business-driven generative AI solutions across multiple businesses including cloud, cyber, and strategy and analytics. Deloitte is infusing enerative AI applications and capabilities across the enterprise to drive productivity and deeper domain expertise for greater client impact.

As part of this ongoing commitment, Deloitte is rolling out purpose-specific LLMs and chatbots to support specialised teams across its business. These applications and productivity tools are focused on proprietary functional and industry content that is applied with Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework, managing AI risks such as hallucinations and improving user confidence and trust.

Deloitte is increasing AI fluency, training more than 120,000 professionals as part of the next generation of AI talent through the AI Academy, a Deloitte Technology Academy program. It is also investing more than US$2 billion in global technology learning and development initiatives to boost skills in the application of technology areas, including AI, across industry and functional issues.

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