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When digital transformation becomes table stakes, what’s next?

In many ways, as a result of intensified digitisation over the past few years, enterprises today have put the digital foundations in place that are powerful enough to deliver the digital services their users now prefer. The ‘completion’ of these efforts is an indication that we’re approaching the other side of digital transformation, where these digital modernisation efforts no longer are a competitive differentiator, but table stakes, says Neil Miller, leader, technical solutions, EMEA. ThousandEyes, part of Cisco.


WiMi offers vehicular networks-based consensus algorithm to improve data security, response speed

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc, a global hologram augmented reality (AR) technology provider has announced proposal of a custom vehicular networks-based consensus algorithm (VBCA) to secure data across the network. The algorithm uses a blockchain to maintain a secure pool of confirmed information exchanged in the network. Based on a consortium chain, the solution optimises transmission efficiency, reduces average data exchange latency, and increases the magnitude of confirmed data exchanges decentralised without compromising data integrity and security.


Podcast: Industry battles to control IoT security risks

The risk of data breaches in the Internet of Things is growing fast and the costs are rising faster. In the latest Trending Tech podcast, host Jeremy Cowan asks Thales’s marketing director for Digital Identity and Security, Stephane Quetglas how the industry is responding. Spoiler: It’s fighting back hard! Plus Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO and founder of Beecham Research warns of the costs of lost industrial production, repair, litigation, and reputational damage. Sit back, listen and learn about IoT Best Practices, before we sign off with the submarine story of  Elon Musk’s Wet Nellie. Allegedly. 


Podcast: AI takes over Trending Tech podcast on digital security

Host Jeremy Cowan puts his feet up as the Trending Tech podcast is taken over by ChatGPT. It’s all about Trust as Deepika Chauhan, chief product officer at DigiCert,  confronts the digital security challenges facing us all, and Jim Morrish, chief research officer at Transforma Insights, shares the inside scoop on rapidly rising cyber defence opportunities and revenues. Plus, find out what Taylor Swift and Queen Elizabeth II have in common.


Testing, testing, 123 – The top trends influencing software development

There is not a single business today that does not run on at least one piece of software. Moreover, the rate of digital transformation in recent years has driven the proliferation of software applications in a bid for greater efficiency and agility and to bolster the customer experience. To stay competitive in today’s digital-forward marketplace, businesses must deliver new products to markets faster than ever, says Kevin Thompson, CEO, Tricentis.


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