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Anti-fraud technology’s biggest problem: selfies

The story of the fight against fraud is one of constant escalation. Fraudsters invent a way to con people out of their money and data, anti-fraud professionals find ways to stop them from doing that. In turn, fraudsters find new ways to con their victims and work their way around new defences and then, the cycle begins again. We’re currently seeing that very prominently around one key foundation of current anti-fraud technology: the selfie, writes Danny Kadyshevitch, the senior product lead for Detection and Response at Transmit Security. (more…)

AI’s Potential Meets Data Reality: Are You Ready?

AI/ML is a “how” we solve hard technical problems. In other words, the tech has matured to the point where it is an essential tool in the toolkit for software, architects, developers, and testers. We also believe this mainstreaming and normalisation of AI/ML technology is an industry-wide phenomenon. A straightforward approach to AI/ML is becoming essential for enterprises in every industry to remain competitive. (more…)

Kyndryl and AWS enter collaboration for AI and ML solutions

Kyndryl has announced a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), focused on developing and delivering generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities. By working together, Kyndryl and AWS aim to empower their mutual customers to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and expedite their digital transformation journeys. (more…)

Open RAN to close performance gap with AI and ML 

Emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovations in Open RAN massive MIMO (mMIMO) solutions will play an important role in improving performance to match that of traditional RAN mMIMO, according to ABI Research. While traditional RAN vendors currently dominate the mMIMO market, momentum for Open RAN is building as the technology matures, with pioneering deployments from operators like Rakuten and DISH. (more…)

Bpifrance picks Capgemini for next-generation digital factory

Bpifrance has selected Capgemini to develop its next-generation Digital Factory. This new digital platform aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data to provide improved solutions to French entrepreneurs and contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint. The Digital Factory will equip Bpifrance’s IT teams with the latest technologies, specifically in data processing and AI. Additionally, Capgemini will establish an eco-design program to assist the bank in accelerating the reduction of its carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of its products and services. (more…)

The future of FinTech – getting to grips with key technologies

Think about names like Square, Stripe, and Robinhood. Each company is worth billions of dollars, yet these are relatively young companies. Square is the oldest – formed only 14 years ago. So how did these Fintech startups find such success? They each introduced a new and disruptive solution for how we handle financial transactions, writes Stacy Dubovik, a financial technology and blockchain researcher at ScienceSoft. (more…)

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