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Kyndryl and AWS enter collaboration for AI and ML solutions

Kyndryl has announced a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), focused on developing and delivering generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities. By working together, Kyndryl and AWS aim to empower their mutual customers to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and expedite their digital transformation journeys. (more…)

Deloitte, SAP collaborate to drive transformation through generative AI

Deloitte announced it is expanding its practices for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to build and deliver generative AI (artificial intelligence) solutions to clients. Deloitte’s approach of Clean Core + Edge Innovation relies on cloud application development and embedding AI capabilities and data-driven insights to help cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) clients deliver real business value while limiting technical debt. (more…)

IBM advances watsonx with generative AI enhancements

IBM has announced plans for recent generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) foundation models and enhancements coming to watsonx its artificial intelligence (AI) and data platform with a set of AI capabilities designed to help enterprises scale and accelerate impact of AI. These enhancements include a technical preview for watsonx.governance, recent generative AI data services coming to and planned integration of foundation models across select software and infrastructure products.


Digital transformation is firmly on business agenda if IT consultants want to stay one step ahead

Six in ten company executives are looking to heavily invest in digital technologies, as digital transformation has become an unmissable goal for many forward-thinking businesses. The pressure is on for IT consulting businesses to deliver, but many IT consulting businesses are themselves not digitally up-to-date and need to migrate away from their old legacy supported systems.


How finance can lead organisational resilience

We all know the panoply of factors that make this such a difficult and challenging time to succeed as a business, but if there is one thing organisations need to survive and thrive today it is the resilience to withstand the buffeting winds of change. But what is resilience, how do we build it into the fabric of our companies, and how do we add value on top of it?, says Michael Lengenfelder, head of FP&A product management, Unit4.


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