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Rockabill subsea cable enables quantum communication reach from UK to Ireland

Researchers from The University of York in collaboration with the Quantum Communications Hub and euNetworks Fiber UK Limited (euNetworks) have demonstrated that quantum communication is possible over the long geographical distance that separates England from Ireland. The experiments series were conducted on euNetworks’ 224km Rockabill subsea network in July, pushing the boundaries of quantum communication and paving the way for the future security of private data. (more…)

QuickLogic, Xiphera partner for post-quantum cryptography utilising eFPGAs

QuickLogic Corporation has announced a partnership with Xiphera, a provider of hardware-based cryptographic security solutions, including post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This will implement Xiphera’s xQlave quantum-secure cryptographic IP cores on QuickLogic’s eFPGA (embedded field programmable gate arrays) architecture. This partnership provides architects with a path towards securing their assets against the quantum threat, enabling them to stay one step ahead in the evolving landscape of cyber threats.


Xanadu, ETRI partner to advance quantum computing technologies

Xanadu has announced partnership with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). The goal of this partnership is to advance fundamental research in quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for fault-tolerant quantum computers. Xanadu is at the forefront of quantum computing, developing quantum algorithms and applications for future technologies. Integral to this partnership is Xanadu’s open-source software library, PennyLane, designed to augment quantum computing research and development.


WISeKey’s subsidiary, SEALSQ’s post-quantum chips designed to boost AI performance in semiconductors

WISeKey International Holding Ltd., a provider in cybersecurity, digital identity, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions functioning as a holding company, has announced that its subsidiary SEALSQ Corp., focusing in semiconductors and PKI (public key infrastructure), has developed post-quantum chips. These chips are designed to enhance AI (artificial intelligence) performance in semiconductors, introducing new capabilities to the world of technology.


IonQ, BearingPoint bring quantum consulting to European market

IonQ, a provider in quantum computing, announced an agreement with BearingPoint, an European management and technology consulting firm with offices in 24 countries – to offer IonQ quantum system access and professional services to clients across Europe. BearingPoint consultants can now propose use cases and solutions for public and private groups that leverage the IonQ’s systems, helping them formulate positions on the evolving technology.


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