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Problem-solving advice: Welcome to The Evolving Enterprise

A MESSAGE FROM THE PUBLISHER: A warm welcome to all visitors to this brand new site, The Evolving Enterprise (www.TheEE.ai ) it expands the 2020 corporate information mix begun with sister sites, www.IoT-Now.com and www.IoTGlobalNetwork.com. Now, The Evolving Enterprise shows your organisation how Digital Transformation will build Efficiency and Profits in your enterprise.

While IoT Now covers how devices connect globally to the Internet of Things (IoT), bringing data from devices directly into the enterprise, questions remained about best to use that data. How should it be stored, managed, analysed and, above all, Monetised to enable new services for your customers?

Here at TheEE.ai we have been preparing to show you how to:

  • Analyse customer needs ahead of your competitors with data analytics
  • Bring products & services to market faster through Machine Learning
  • Visualise and test new products using Virtual Reality
  • Develop secure, low cost Cloud Native services
  • Anticipate Service & Product Failures before the customer even notices
  • Improve your Customers’ Experience with Artificial Intelligence
  • Remotely monitor and train staff with Augmented Reality
  • Up-sell and cross-sell new services to build Customer Loyalty
  • Update remote firmware Over-The-Air, cutting costly truck rolls
  • Integrate Big Data from multiple sources in your Partner Ecosystem
  • Audit your customer outcomes with Blockchain & Distributed Ledger
  • Secure your Data from Cyberattack or Human error
  • Manage your Sensor Data costs and risks with Edge computing
  • Plan next generation services with Product Lifecycle Management
  • Improve your eCommerce Performance across all Platforms.

So, bookmark this site, register here for our free HTML news updates, and Join us as we explore how to build world-beating Enterprises. Regards,

Jeremy Cowan
Editorial director & publisher,
The Evolving Enterprise

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