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Bad audio is impacting our emotional wellbeing

Events in 2020 have catalysed the global workforce and remote working has fast become the norm, blurring the lines between home and work. Research from EPOS has found that 95% of workforce admit that their concentration and efficiency at work has suffered due to audio setbacks, resulting in an emotional impact for with 35% reporting feelings of frustration, irritation and annoyance due to bad audio. More concerningly, EPOS also found that 25% of end-users experience stress and 15% of respondents even feel embarrassed or less confident.

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Lessons learned from smart water trials

Water companies in England and Wales oversee networks of more than 335,000 km of pipes, with around 24 million connections to homes and industrial properties, says Pete Goodwin, account director, Smart Water, Arqiva. Every year these organisations aim to improve the services they deliver across these vast networks, with ambitious leakage improvement targets increasingly at the top of the priority list.

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Turkey plans to restrict social media and block VPN services

Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is pressing ahead with plans to control social media platforms or shut them down entirely. The far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) proposed to ban access to virtual private network (VPN) apps used to circumvent banned sites as part of Ankara’s measures to control social media use. The bill is to be put to the vote as early as this week.

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The future of AI is collaboration, not automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has received a mixed reception over the past few years. In one corner there are those who hype its capabilities far beyond reality. In the other are the pessimists, fearful of the mass unemployment it could unleash. And, says Emma Kendrew, intelligent engineering services lead for Accenture Technology, that’s not to mention the downright dystopian, swayed by years of disquieting sci-fi films. The possibility of a finer balance, that does not pit human skills directly against AI, is often ignored.

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Police aims only achieved with ICT interoperability

PoliceBox, the mobile working platform designed to enable police officers to complete their tasks from within one app, today published a whitepaper. It investigates the role that interoperability and application program interfaces (APIs) must play in police information and communications technology (ICT) to enable police forces to meet their strategic aims.

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WeRide chooses Weka to manage its AI data pipeline

WekaIO (Weka), a specialist in high-performance and scalable file storage, announced today that WeRide, a smart mobility company with autonomous driving technologies, has selected the Weka File System (WekaFS). Claimed to be the world’s fastest shared parallel file system, WekaIO manages the artificial intelligence (AI) data pipeline from the edge to the core to the cloud.

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Amdocs buys Openet for $180mn to speed CSP cloud transitions and differentiate in 5G

Amdocs, has agreed to acquire Openet, an Ireland-based international provider of 5G charging, policy and cloud technologies. Together, the two companies aim to bring Openet’s open and network-centric technologies to Amdocs’ 350+ service provider customers worldwide, helping them to succeed in the wave of 5G advancements around cloud, edge compute, IoT and new customer experiences.

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