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Taiwanese startup New Garden launched a new AI agriculture platform

CES 2021 – Agritech is getting more and more important across the world as the possibility of a food crisis rises year by year. According to the former chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Sir Bob Watson, climate change has drastically affected human lives and threatened global food security.

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Enterprises embrace edge AI to ensure employee safety

The pandemic has shown that workplaces can be particularly challenging to curb the spread of the virus. As Sastry MalladiCTO of FogHorn reports, edge computing, specifically edge artificial intelligence (AI), can help make up for the error-prone shortcomings of resource-intensive manual audits and provide real-time insights and centralised visibility into workplace health and safety.

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Podcast 8: IoT is boosting healthcare professionals’ efficiency

There’s no time like a pandemic to talk about Connected and Remote Healthcare. And who better to ask about it than two senior execs from a mobile network operator successfully delivering these services now to millions in its home market. Luc Vilandre and Mike Cihra from Canada’s TELUS talk exclusively to Jeremy Cowan, host of Tech Trends Podcast and Robin Duke-Woolley, founder of Beecham Research about choices in hospitals between WiFi 6 and 5G, smart healthcare services, and about the insights that IoT brings to help decision-making. That’s before we dive into some weird and wonderful stories in the wider tech world.  

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Why we can’t delay safeguarding the IoT in critical national infrastructure

When discussing Internet of Things (IoT) security, it is vital to first recognise the increasing extent to which our daily lives are reliant on these entirely connected systems. Integrating IoT devices within mission-critical industries means that, while gaining efficiencies, we create a breeding ground for new points of attack. These networks are of vital importance, says Alan Grau, VP of IoT, Embedded Solutions at Sectigo; protection of the gate becomes a priority.

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IoT can get you back to work

The City of London usually welcomes around 550,000 workers daily. Today that number is closer to 15,000. Why? Because the majority of City workers have to commute by public transportation train, tube or bus to get to work. In the past, says Bart Schouw, chief evangelist at Software AG, this meant sitting or more likely standing in a crowded, hot space with no air conditioning (and not enough people wearing masks).

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