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Oracle introduces integrated vector database to increase generative AI, developer productivity

Oracle has announced its plans to add semantic search capabilities using AI (artificial intelligence) vectors to Oracle Database 23c. The collection of features, called AI Vector Search, includes a new vector data type, vector indexes, and vector search SQL (structured query language) operators that enable Oracle Database to store semantic content of documents, images, and other unstructured data as vectors, and use these to run similarity queries.


Intel Innovation 2023: Accelerating convergence of AI, security

During second day of Intel Innovation 2023, Intel chief technology officer Greg Lavender offered a detailed look at how Intel’s developer-first, open ecosystem philosophy is working to ensure the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) are accessible to all. Developers eager to harness AI face challenges that impede widespread deployment of solutions for client and edge to data centre and cloud. Intel is committed to addressing these challenges with a broad software-defined, silicon-accelerated approach that is grounded in openness, choice and security.


Quadric announces Llama2 LLM support on its Chimera GPNPUs IP Core

Quadric has announced that support for Llama 2 large language model (LLM) is available on its Chimera general purpose neural processing unit (GPNPU) intellectual property (IP) core. Unlike other IP and semiconductor application processor suppliers, Quadric was able to add this support with a simple software port with no hardware changes, so existing designs can run this model. Other suppliers have announced plans to change their hardware to offer support in 2024 or beyond.


IBM plans to train 2mn AI learners by 2026, prioritising underrepresented communities worldwide

IBM has announced a commitment to train two million learners in AI (artificial intelligence) by end of 2026, with a focus on underrepresented communities. To achieve this goal at a global scale, IBM is expanding AI education collaborations with universities globally, collaborating with partners to deliver AI training to adult learners, and introducing generative AI coursework through IBMskillsbuild. This will expand upon IBM’s existing programmes and career-building platforms to offer enhanced access to AI education and in-demand technical roles.


Fujitsu, The Linux Foundation to release automated machine learning, AI fairness technologies

Fujitsu Limited and The Linux Foundation have marked the official launch of Fujitsu’s automated machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) fairness technologies as open source software (OSS) ahead of “Open Source Summit Europe 2023,” running in Bilbao, Spain, from September 19-21, 2023. The two projects will offer users access to software that automatically generates code for new machine learning models, as well as a technology that addresses latent biases in training data.


Xanadu, ETRI partner to advance quantum computing technologies

Xanadu has announced partnership with Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). The goal of this partnership is to advance fundamental research in quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for fault-tolerant quantum computers. Xanadu is at the forefront of quantum computing, developing quantum algorithms and applications for future technologies. Integral to this partnership is Xanadu’s open-source software library, PennyLane, designed to augment quantum computing research and development.


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