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The Evolving Enterprise Q4

The Evolving Enterprise: Edge and 5G will match the car and canned food revolutions

In the Q4,2020 issue:

  • Payment security a major concern for online retail
  • Edge and 5G will match the car and canned food revolutions, says Wind River’s CMO
  • 5G and Industry 4.0: Where promise meets reality – and expectations are huge
  • Businesses see a need for ethical, trusted AI - powered systems, but progress is patchy
  • Robotic Process Automation auto-balancing feature to offer ‘hands-free’ bot workload management
  • Company, Product & Market News

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Dyno Therapeutics debuts bCap 1 capsid, a central nervous system targeted AAV gene delivery vector

Watertown, United States – Dyno Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, announced the launch of its Dyno bCap 1 capsid producta central nervous system (CNS)- targeted AAV gene delivery vector, in a keynote address at the company’s Scientific Symposium at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 26th annual meeting. The Dyno bCap 1 vector provides improved CNS delivery and liver detargeting compared to natural capsids and all-around characteristics relative to other engineered CNS-IV capsids.

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